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Language Skills - German

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All Skills

BBC - German Language
Learn German Online


BBC On-Line German Language Resources



(All Levels) Grammar lessons, exercises, literature, songs, videos, audio, ect.
German Learning Tour
German Language Guide
German Teaching Resources
(Beginner to Intermediate Levels) Interactive German game

(Beginner to Intermediate Levels) Information about many aspects of the German language

(Beginner Levels) Lists of German resources: Games, PowerPoints, quizzes, ect.
German I Tutorial: Basic Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar
Digital Dialects
Quia German

(Beginner Levels) Easy Phrases, Pronunciation, Grammar, and Vocabulary


 (Beginner Levels) Games and exercises on a wide range of topics


(Beginner to Intermediate Levels) A large list of different exercises and games and a wide variety of topics (Grammar, Vocab, ect)







Pronunciation/ Phonetics

Alphabet Pronunciation Guide:

A German Pronunciation Guide Das Alphabet
German Phonetic Alphabet

(Beginner Levels) Audio of the German Alphabet



Intermediate to Advanced) Explanation of German IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)

(Beginner Levels) Hot Potato exercise about differentiating between words with and without umlauts




Pronunciation of Basic German Phrases:

German essential phrases
German Talking Dictionary
(Beginner Levels) Audio of important phrase in German
(All Levels) Online dictionary that gives the definition and pronunciation





German Dialects:

Deutsche Dialekte

(All Levels) Example of a variety of German dialects






Animal Sounds
German Tongue Twisters
German Tongue-Twisters
(Beginner Levels) Breaks down animals in different languages
(Beginner Levels) List of German tongue twisters in different dialects
(Beginner Levels) List of German tongue twisters in different dialects





Grammar/ Syntax

Explanations and Examples:

German Grammar Glossary Adjective Ending
Interactive Grammar Tutor
(Beginner Level) A list of german grammar terms with a brief explanation in English
(Beginner to Intermediate Levels) Charts for adjective endings   (Beginner to Intermediate Levels) Explanations of some tricky aspects of German grammar
Many Meanings of the Verb Lassen
German Grammar Guidebook
German Two-Way Prepositions
(All Levels) An explanation of several meanings of the verb lassen and some idioms using the verb (All Levels) German grammar concepts explained with examples


(All Levels) two-way prepositions explained using pictures

Relative Clauses
Animated Grammar Tutorials


Grimm Grammar 

(All Levels) explanation and exercises 


(Beginner to Intermediate) Power Points explaining different grammar concepts

(All levels) Grammar explanations and exercises 

German Categorized By Topic
Schritte Online Uebungen
Schubert Online Aufgaben
(All Levels) Brief explanations about difficult grammar concepts with examples. (Beginner to Intermediate Levels) Online textbook practice exercises on a variety of topics (All Levels) Online line grammar exercises ranging in level







German Grammar Roadmap
German Tools
German Tools Grammar
(Beginner to Intermediate Levels) Grammar website: provides explanations and exercises (Beginner Levels) Activities for verb placement (Beginner to Intermediate Levels) a list of help resources involving grammar. e.g. explanations, exercises, worksheets, ect.  
Grammar Exercises
Grammar Coloring Game
Languages Online: German
(Beginner to Intermediate Levels) a wide variety of German grammar exercises
(Beginner Levels) Identifying nouns, verbs, adjectives, articles, ect (Beginner Levels) Games and exercises on a wide range of vocabulary





Vocabulary Building

Dictionaries/Lists of Vocabulary:


German Picture Dictionary
German Vocabulary with audio
Index of German Verbs


(Beginner Levels) Online picture dictionary


(Beginner Levels) Interactive vocabulary building website with pictures and audio.

(Beginner Levels) List of a variety of German verbs and their English translation
30 Most Popular German Sayings

German Vocabulary and Dialogue

Learn German Online
  (All Levels) German sayings and proverbs Learn vocabulary through pictures and dialogue. *Must sign-up!* Read terms of agreement carefully.

Step by step 24 lesson program to increase German skills. Some sign-up may be required.





Games, Exercises, and Activities:  


Hennings Haus
German Games
(Beginner Levels) Games to help reinforce vocabulary(colors, family, directions,. ect) 

 Various German games and activities, great for use in the classroom 
(Beginner Level) Interactive games to help build vocabulary
German Tools Vocabulary
Voyage Kids
Online German Games  

Play a variety of fun games while learning vocabulary (colors, animals, clothing, food, etc.)




Listening Comprehension:

Podcasts and Videos: 


MIMEA Lessons
A Flavor of Germany
LangMedia: German in Germany
(All Levels) A wide variety of clips and exercises to build listen comprehension. Click German and select the level then the theme. Beginner Levels) 1 podcasts about different German idioms

(Beginner to Intermediate Levels) short videos on a variety of topics (greetings, emergencies, eating out, talking on the phone, ect)

BBC: Deutsch Plus
 Pukka German
  (Intermediate to Advanced Levels) 10 online topics are based on the 20-part TV series and build on the absolute basics of  Talk German (Intermediate to Advanced Levels) German slang, sayings, and idioms with Podcasts A compilation of German language podcasts on every imaginable topic, all in one location.  






Halloween Stories


Fuchs und Igel

(Intermediate to Advanced Levels) Halloween stories in German with listening capabilities
  (Intermediate to Avanced Levels) Game about fairy tales





Reading Comprehension:  

Jokes, Comics, and Cartoons:

(Intermediate to Advanced) German Jokes
(Intermediate to Advanced Levels) German Cartoons with jokes
(All Levels) Funny cartoons
Chrismart Cartoon
German Comics
Jokes in German  
(Intermediate to Advanced Levels) Large variety of comics and cartoons 

German cartoons for all levels.

Variety of German jokes for advanced levels.
  Polyglot Project  

An internet project site that allows users free access to novels in other languages. One neat feature of this site is a translation tool to help readers with tricky words. (must sign up)  






Stories, Songs, and Poems: 


A Language Guide
Deutsche Gedichte
(Intermediate to Advanced Levels) German Folk songs (All Levels) German poems and short stories (in English and German)

(Intermediate and Advanced) List of German Poems from Famous authors


Die Deutsche Gedichte-Bibliothek
Five great German short stories By Stanley Appelbaum
General German and Cultural Studies pages
(Intermediate to Advanced Levels) Collection of German Poems


(All Levels) Dual language book with five short stories (From Google books)


(All Levels) Collection of German Resources (links to dictionaries, libraries, mostly literature)

Die schönsten deutschen Heimatsagen


(Intermediate Levels) A list of German stories






Interactive Games: 


Little Amadeus- das Wunderkin Mozart

(Beginner Levels) Childrens games aout Mozart and his life.









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